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Revolutionary and powerful feature sets that combine to create a complete finance management, payroll management  and accounting platform.



Dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what really matters. A great entry level experience.

  • A breakdown of your recent sales grouped into daily sales, monthly sales and yearly sales
  • A snapshot of recent payments received as per the day, month and year.
  • An ageing analysis of how much is unpaid and how long it is due.
  • A bar graph representation of the monthly sales trends for the year.
  • A summary of recent transactions done including quotations, invoices, receipts, orders, bills and bills payments.
  • A summary of recent customers , suppliers and employees added to the company.

Quotations & Invoices

Inhouse empowers your business to get that job by providing you with a cloud solution to send professional quotes and invoices from anywhere, anytime.

  • Save time with readily available and customized quotation and invoice templates
  • View quotation status, whether pending approval, approved or active.
  • Convert quotations to invoice directly and attache important notes for internal use.
  • Matches payments with invoices to save you time
  • Track and manage multiple invoices and check their payment status i.e whether unpaid, partially paid or fully paid.
  • Import  data through pdf’s , excel spreadsheets and email  from wherever you are, anytime.


Inhouse enables you keep the funds flowing easily with convenient payment processing options and integrations to accept payments and issue receipts on the go.

  • Accept full or partial payments matched with specific invoices .
  • Automatic payment reconciliation.
  • Accept payments right with Inhouse. Clients can pay with Credit cards, Mpesa, RTGS or bankers Cheque.
  • Track payments received through various channels.
  • Attach files to your payment receipt ie Bankers cheque copy for records.
  • Generate both A4 and 80mm receipt print out directly from the system.
  • Email payment receipts from anywhere, anytime.

Customers & Suppliers

Inhouse customers and supplier management features is  great is everything you need to keep your customers happy and suppliers satisfied.  From anywhere anytime, you can;

  • Create customers and suppliers and set their defaults.
  • View individual customer statements ie quotations , invoices and receipts for a specific customer over time, total invoiced amount , total payment done and outstanding balance.
  • Generate and import customers  statements in pdfs, excel spreadsheets
  • View individual suppliers  statements ie orders , bills and bills payments for a specific supplier over time, total billed amount , total bill payment done and outstanding balance.
  • Generate and import supplier  statements in pdfs and excel spreadsheets
  • Email directly from the system.

Orders & Bills Payments

Organize and manage bills your bills on the go with a touch of class and confidence.  Inhouse allows you to;

  • Create orders
  • Convert orders to bills and say goodbye to missed payments by setting up recurring bills.
  • Make bills payment and track bills you have paid by various payment methods.
  • Avoid potential transaction discrepancies by tracking your orders from individual  suppliers, billed amount and paid amount from anywhere, anytime.
  • View individual suppliers  statements ie orders , bills and bills payments for a specific supplier over time, total billed amount , total bill payment done and outstanding balance.


Work Smarter with Inhouse ingenious banking which allows you to;

  • Automatically fetch business  transactions ie payments received and reconcile your bank transactions with just a click of a button.
  • Get real-time cash flow update by working on real-time bank data to avoid confusion and hassles later. Get an updated view of your business cash flow at all times.
  • View and Manage your various bank accounts and related transactions.
  • View and Manage your cash account and related transactions.


Easy insights into your business with 30+ reports
Turn data into information with Inhouse. View reports covering all your receivables, payables, financial statements  and more. Use your report data to make inferences and create robust, up-to-date business plans.

You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to generate business reports. Generate reports like;

  • Profit & Loss,
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Ageing analysis

Get the reports  any time you want them,from anywhere, using any device and dig into the data to make business plans for the future.

Employees & Payroll

Inhouse takes the worry out of having to generate a payroll. All your PAYE , NSSF  and NHIF calculations are accurate and secure.

  • Quickly generate payslips and choose to download or email them directly from Inhouse from anywhere, anytime.
  • Generate banking , NSSF, NHIF and PAYE reports for select timelines on the go.
  • Take care of employee reimbursements and advances with ease and style.

Company Settings & User Rights

Inhouse allows you to customize your company to your satisfaction. Settings allows you to;

  • Setup your company details and letterhead
  • Set up your company tax codes.
  • Create charts of accounts
  • Create users and assign user rights
  • Create payroll defaults

Clients Feedback

Although all accounting software products have invoicing tools, Inhouse Cloud is incredibly easy to use, which is why I recommend it to all my clients as the best invoicing software for small businesses. The design is intuitive, and with just a few clicks you can send invoices, receive payments and pay your bills. It also allows you to customize the look of the invoice, and set up recurring invoices, automatic payment reminders and late fees.

CPA Charles NjaneAccountant

Inhouse Cloud offers small business owners real double-entry accounting that is integrated with the rest of Inhouse's solutions, at affordable rates. It runs all your key back-office operations and financial business processes on a single, unified platform in the cloud.

Allan KBanker

Really small businesses need really simple accounting software and Inhouse Cloud just delivered what I ordered. It offers all of the basic features that micro-businesses need as well as advanced tools like payroll processing and financial reports. Inhouse cloud has the best price for all of its capabilities.

David MwihiaDesigner

Inhouse Cloud helps me make better, more informed decisions and stay on top of my business. I have instant access to customer, supplier statements and employee information from anywhere any time and that helps me manage the business better

Bonnie KEngineer

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